Consumer Financing

consumer-financingBack Your Customers With Consumer Finance

At Kingdom Financial Solutions, we have a unique approach when it comes to our consumer finance options. Your business is as unique as you make it, and you need financing that is tailored to what you do. If you sell services or products for less than $10,000, we can financially back your customers. This allows you to keep all sales, which will increase your total profit. Our solutions allow us to either purchase contracts or buy existing loan portfolios.


The Benefits of Our Programs

When you choose consumer financing, you can count on the following benefits:

  • Instant credit approval
  • Instant credit processing
  • Interest rate flexibility for your customers
  • E-signature abilities
  • Our collection of bad debt portfolios
  • Financing for customers with low FICO scores
  • Tiered pricing for customers

Of course, we want these benefits to extend to professionals in all industries. Whether you are in the medical, dental, furniture, travel or vocation school field, let us show you how easy it is to provide financing solutions for your customers.

Getting Started

To get started with consumer finance, contact Kingdom Financial Solutions today. We look forward to your call and are waiting to help you gain the capital you need to have a successfully run business.