Equipment Leasing

equipmentImprove Your Bottom Line With Equipment Financing

At Kingdom Financial Solutions, we are all about helping businesses improve their bottom line. Our financial solutions allow you to remain successful and improve in your business without having to suffer financially for it. If you are in need of any type of business related equipment, we have a variety of lease options for your equipment financing solution. With application approval as quick as just one day, companies that have struggled to afford the proper equipment do not have to suffer anymore.

Why Should You Lease?

You may be wondering why we feel equipment leasing is the solution to your financial dilemma. In fact, there are a lot of benefits that our clients have experienced. For example:

  • The monthly payments are low.
  • Fixed payments keep your situation secure.
  • Your capital is never tied up.
  • Your existing lines of credit are open for other needs.
  • You can upgrade your equipment as technology changes.
  • Tax advantages can be found.

Our Equipment Leasing Programs

At Kingdom Financial Solutions, we offer four main options when you need to lease equipment. They are:

  • Government and Municipal – This option is for a variety of government and municipal entities. Each of the organizations are guaranteed approval. This could include a public school, fire house, state agency, library or any branch of the armed services.
  • Startups – For businesses that have less than two years as a company, we offer financing for equipment that could really help you improve your bottom line.
  • B, C and D – These credits are essentially for companies that have been hit with the tough economy. It is basically their second chance to get back on their feet and rebuild.
  • Sale and Lease Back – In order to open up working capital, we purchase your equipment and lease it back to you.

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To learn more about financing or leasing your equipment, contact Kingdom Financial Solutions today. We are waiting to show you how to improve your bottom line with the funds that you need.