Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

stated-incomeFor Your Commercial Property, Look at a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan

When you want to refinance or purchase a commercial property, look into a stated income commercial real estate loan. As a traditional loan alternative, lenders typically look at the real estate itself instead of the credit history of the person borrowing the funds. With this process, it is easier and faster to be approved for the loan, and there are not as many documents that the borrower has to fill out before qualification.


What Type of Property Is Included?

When it comes to a stated income commercial loan, there are various properties that are included in the list of approved real estate. They include:

  • Restaurants and other food establishments
  • Apartments and other multi-housing units
  • Office buildings
  • Retail properties
  • Warehouses and distribution centers

What Can the Funds Be Used For?

Essentially, you can use the funds that you receive from this loan for what you see fit. The most common uses include:

  • Consolidation of Debt – By consolidating your debts into one low monthly payment, your debtors are paid off more quickly and you are able to afford what we offer.
  • Improvement of Property – This allows you to make any type of improvements needed, such as exterior paint, roof replacement or even expansion of a parking lot.
  • Property Purchases – By purchasing your property outright, you can quit wasting money on your monthly rent payment.
  • Refinancing – Our loans never adjust and never balloon. With a fixed rate, you can be in the clear when you refinance.
  • Working Capital – You can do anything with working capital. It’s basically cash in your hand to pay employees, cover some bills or plump up the inventory.

Getting Started on Your Loan

Contact Kingdom Financial Solutions today to get started on your loan. We are waiting to show you how a stated income commercial loan can benefit your business.